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 Wayne White

Repairing West African djembes since 1997.

Specializing in djembe head replacement, tuning and djembe restoration


Djembe Repair Services


Head Replacement

While replacing the skin, I will also apply a coat of Danish oil (inside and out), inspect the rope and rings. Perform light sanding and filling small cracks if needed. I may suggest new rings or rope depending on their condition.

Base price for adult djembe - $125

  • Price for children’s djembes upon request.


  • Thicker skin - $25

  • Calf skin – upon request

  • Rope - $25 - $35

  • Rings - $20/each

I roll and weld custom rings right in my shop! Rings consist of .25” cold rolled steel.

Goat skins are from Guinea and Senegal, each skin is hand selected and inspected prior to the repair.

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Djembe Tuning

Does your drum need to be tuned? Contact me to get your drum sounding its best!

Djembe Restoration

  • Small or large, cracks or chips can be filled and sanded.

  • Full or partial sanding of shell (exterior only).

Prices upon request.


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